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“[Killing Them Safely] is a deeply intriguing look into a contentious invention that has had both greatly positive and tragically negative effects on modern policing."




"[Killing Them Safely] is raw and shocking."

Reel Daily News



"Never before had a film looked in great detail at the stun-gun industry, which is dominated by Taser International, and given an objective view of its effect on society and law enforcement."

Business Insider



"[Killing Them Safely] injects itself into [a] larger narrative, arguing that one preferred means of policing is deeply flawed and should be both more extensively studied and severely restricted."

LA Times



"Nick Berardini’s [film] is a lucidly outraged investigation into the safety of the allegedly nonlethal TASER stun gun, whose potentially fatal effects have repeatedly come under investigation."

Filmmaker Magazine



"The film does an eye-opening job of starting a conversation."

The Wrap



"[Berardini] has created a film about a public health concern and a very specific product liability issue that hasn’t been covered in this scholarly a fashion to date. That makes it both an indispensable resource and a documentary so damaging that it could have the same effects as a big tobacco whistleblower would have had several decades ago."

Toronto Film Scene



"Berardini’s film is not a chronicle of police brutality—it’s a portrait of bad business practices with lethal results."

Okay Player

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